Collection in authorized retail outlets and warehouses

Competitive prices

Express Delivery Service of bags

Effective and within 24 hours

It's small, convenient, easy to carry and store

Those who need and immediately

Not interfere in business or crosswalk

Security and housekeeping

With just one call we pick up from a maximum of 24 h

Quick and effective

With all the security and schedules compatible with the traffic jam

No delays

We eliminate your construction waste and at a licensed waste management

With all the reliability of a group with about 40 years experience in Europe

Big Bags Panama are specialize in solving all your problems with construction waste (caliche) and any type of waste in general.

1Clean, fast, efficient and economical.

2Capacity 1m3 / 1 Tn.

3Easy location.

4Reduces handling costs of construction waste.

524h pickup by calling (507) 6514-9043.

BigBag Panamá